Executive Directors



Tom Brotherman

Geocaching Handle:Electric Water Boy
Region: Central Texas
GeoStatement: My first GPSr was intended to be used as a breadcrumb machine to get me out of Lighthouse Lakes (near Port Arkansas) when I was fishing from my kayak.



De Vickery
Vice President

Geocaching Handle:
One half of Team-DnD
Region: North Texas
GeoStatement: I found out about geocaching after watching an episode of Law and Order. We signed up that night, October 31, 2005 it took a few months before the bug really bit us but it has been a huge part of our life’s ever since. My husband, David, and I cache as a team. I would say the best part of caching is the friends we have made, I wouldn’t trade them for anything!!


Garrick Peters (Temporary)
Membership Director


Esther Lopez
Education Director

Geocaching Handle:Bigguy In Texas
Region: Central Texas

Marc Moore
Finance/Compliance Director

Geocaching Handle:Zeke’s Uncle
Region: North Texas


Janice Veteran
Central Texas

Geocaching Handle: jvet
Region: Central Texas

Garrik Peters
East Texas

Geocaching Handle:Draegon
Region: East Texas

Brian Erickson
North Texas

Geocaching handle: BE Viking
Region: North Texas

Gary Cadogan
South Texas

Geocaching Name: 8Nuts MotherGoose
Region: South Texas

Patricia Elkins
Southeast Texas

Geocaching Handle: MsPatt
Region: Southeast Texas

Jon Motsinger
West Texas

Geocaching Handle:mujonny
Region: West Texas