TXGA Hall of Fame

Starting in 2014, the Texas Geocaching Association inducts into the Hall of Fame people or organizations that have helped with the growth of geocaching.

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Who will be the next inductees. Come to the 2018 Texas Challenge in Denton, TX and find out!!

2017 Kd&prettierhalf Kevin and Wanda are a huge part of Texas geocaching. Kevin served as North Texas Representative for TXGA for several years and was a co-host of the 2012 TX challenge, the year it finally went mega. Wanda was an advocate for geocaching everywhere she went; from events where she would seek out the person in the corner and introduce herself or serving as an Ambassador and co-host of the 2012 TX Challenge for all the new faces. Sadly, in late 2012, we lost Wanda to breast cancer very quickly. They were just a few caches away from 20,000. Kevin found number 20,000 by himself for Wanda and then changed his caching name to KD Solo. Together, they helped shape Texas Geocaching for the better!
2017 JMCz At the time he was entered into our Hall of Fame, JMCz aka Jerry Czerwinski was the #3 geocacher in the world and #1 in Texas with over 108,000 finds (most by himself!). You might think with that many finds he didn't have time to hide any, but he did. He has hidden well over 600. Some were series made to be done by bicycle. Geocaching by bicycle is something he advocates. You would think he has done everything but he still has goals. And he DNFs - and logs them - just like the rest of us. He's our geocaching royalty and friend whom we call Jerry.
2017 BigGuy in Texas Esther Lopez started caching in “The Valley” of Southern Texas in 2006. She became active in hiding caches and helping others learn how to geocache. She then moved to Hutto TX (near Austin) to be closer to her daughter and grandkids. She also became an avid hider of geocaches with over 1000 hides, over 8700 finds, and has taught hundreds along the way. She smiles as she shows off her latest creative geocache before she hides it for you to find. If you haven’t met her, you haven’t been to an event with her. She’s one of the most sociable, friendly, people on the planet. If you find a cache at an HEB or a WhatABurger, there is a good chance she hid it.
2016 ParkerPlus Neal Parker is the Jedi Master Yoda of Houston Geocaching. Neal discovered geocaching in December of 2002 and is still going strong. With over 360 geocache hides to his credit, there is hardly a geocacher in the area that hasn’t found one or many more of his hides. He is the hike and bike power trail hide king and his pleasant personality make him a perennial favorite at events. With over 33,000 trackables discovered or grabbed, he is a leader in that aspect of caching. His chuckle is contagious and for some reason women think he is sexy. He is the one and only ParkerPlus. parkerplus-pathtag
2016 Texas Writer Texas Writer hit the floor running in 2013 and has earned the Mentors Award for mentoring the Houston area Geocachers and became one of the Texas Reviewers for a short time. In four short years, he has over 12,000 finds. texas-writer-pathtag
2016 The Caching Dead Corey and Teresa Davis the caching dead served as education directors for TXGA for several years. They started a program that certified any member of TXGA to be a geocaching instructor and oversaw that program while raising funds to purchase GPS units so that we can continue to do it hands on education across the state. They live in weatherford, tx and have two kids. They continue to teach geocaching and have started The Geocaching Academy where they teach geocaching to Boy Scout troops, texas park and wildlife Parks as well as private and corporate company's. the-caching-dead-pathtag
2015 Texas Dreamweaver Caching since November 2005, "Texas Dreamweaver" has donated huge amounts of his time to the cause of Texas Geocaching. He has held various positions on the board and has suffered through times both good and bad to help in the creation of the organization. We can't thank him enough for his contributions! texas-dreamweaver-pathtag
2015 HoustonControl There are many prominent and notable geocachers in the Houston metroplex area, but if there is one known and liked any better than HoustonControl, I am unaware of it. Larry has been active in geocaching since February of 2005 and has regularly contributed to the game through mentoring other cachers and being a plethora of knowledge concerning the rules of the game, GPSr operation, GSAK, and just plain great company. His wide range of geocache type hides including WHERIGO, puzzle, and multiples has kept everyone who plays the game on their toes. The man, the legend, and the geocachers friend, HoustonControl. houstoncontrol-pathtag
2015 Mrs. Captain Picard Caching since August 2002, "Mrs. Captain Picard" has over 30,000 finds to her name from all over the world! One of Texas' most prolific cachers! She was instrumental in organizing cachers from all over Central Texas; from San Antonio to Waco. On May 8, 2010, she married "the best thing I ever found geocaching, the love of my life, Footnotes Coach." mcp-pathtag
2014 Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Museum Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Museum is an icon in San Antonio. Barney has been a great friend to cachers and visitors from all over the world. Barney's been working on his toilet seat art for over fifty years. It started with a spark of inspiration while he was picking up parts for a job. Barney conducts all the tours of his collection which became a museum in 1992, after a flurry of local TV publicity. toilet-seat-musum-pathtag
2014 Moosiegirl Moosiegirl started caching in March of 2002 with hubby The Outlaw and their friend TreyB. Those two looked up geocaching as a new use for the GPS Candy bought Wayne because he got lost hiking one day! It only took one caching trip and all 3 were hooked. She has taught geocaching classes as part of Texas Outdoors-Woman Network (T.O.W.N., with TPWD), and along with Trey & Wayne hosted a successful series of day-long classes on how to use the Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (GSAK) program, with cachers attending from all over the state. She’s been known as “the Ammo Can Lady” as well as the “Geocaching Hotline” for Central Texas. Being hooked into sitting on the first Board of Directors for TXGA was just another way to help geocachers feed their passion - and hers! Driving The World’s Largest Travel Bug (https://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1719829) has slowed her down some, but Candy vows she’ll never completely stop geocaching.
2014 usmorrows Charter members of Geocaching, "usmorrows" began caching July 2001. They are also one of the 3 original founders of the Texas Geocaching Association. They were instrumental in promoting and expanding Geocaching in the Southeast Texas area. Their events and campouts have provided some of the best Geocaching memories for cachers all across the state. usmorrows-pathtag
2014 Txoilgas One of TXGA's most beloved cachers, "Txoilgas" spent his entire life in the oil and gas industry which allowed him to hide and find caches all over the world. He started caching in October 2005. He was the first to find and log the Texas County Challenge which has a cacher find a cache in all 254 counties in Texas. He also worked with Groundspeak to develop the Texas Open Spaces Program which allowed all cachers in Texas to own and maintain any cache in a remote location instead of one single cache owner. (And Texas has got some remote locations!) We lost him doing what he loved to do; hiding and finding caches in Oklahoma while working on the Oklahoma County Challenge. txoilgas-pathtag
2014 9key One of the 3 original founders of the Texas Geocaching Association, "9Key" has been involved with Geocaching since March 2002. He was also one of the first cache Reviewers for the state of Texas and was instrumental in forming the attributes we use on cache pages today. 9key-pathtag
2014 Texas Parks and Wildlife Texas Parks and Wildlife Department manages and conserves the natural and cultural resources of Texas and to provide hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. They are a recognized national leader in implementing effective natural resources conservation and outdoor recreational programs. TPWD works with TXGA to provide caching opportunities with the placement of caches in state parks, the Texas Geocaching Challenge and hosting various events such as the Texas Challenge and the Texas Roundup. tpwd-pathtag