What is the TXGA Lone Star RoundUp?

The TXGA Lone Star RoundUp is a chance for geocachers to get together for a weekend of fun and geocaching. Originally created in 2012, it was an event created for those who didn’t like the competitiveness of the TXGA Texas Challenge which is held in the spring each year. The TXGA Lone Star RoundUp is in the Fall of each year and moves around the state allowing each region to host the event.


How can I attend the next TXGA Lone Star RoundUp?

All you have to do is register. And registration is free.  Registration is usually available a few months before the actual event. Check back for updates on when and where the next RoundUp will be held.


TXGA Lone Star Roundup - Past, Present, and Future

Year Host Location
2018 Southeast Texas TBA
2017 West Texas Abilene State Park
2016 Central Texas Lake Bastrop South Shore Park
2015 South Texas Kerrville-Schreiner Park
2014 North Texas Dinosaur Valley State Park
2013 Northeast Texas Tyler State Park
2012 Southeast Texas Lake Summerville Marina Campground