News From…

Good afternoon from your technology team..

First, we have upgraded to a new membership format. You will no longer need to log into to explore the site, order items, or register for events. As me more forward to adding information to the site, you may need to log in to see posts or special events. You will be prompted at these times to log in.

Secondly, there have been some issues observed with the current theme for our web site. To try to resolve these issues, we will be updating to a new theme. This will cause some of the pages to be inaccessible until it has been update to the new theme. As the site grows, there may be other times when portions of the site are down, however, we will make it a priority to get them up as quickly as we can. We will be starting with the store so you can get all the current swag and the pre-sales for Roundup that will be up soon.

Thank you to all TXGA members and visitors for your patients as we go through these growing pains.