Geocaching in the Great State of Texas

Mission Statment

The Texas Geocaching Association (TXGA) is a non-profit volunteer organization.  Our Aim is to be the foremost advocate for geocaching within the state of Texas.  Our Mission is to foster, educate, and nurture geocaching throughout the entire state of Texas.  To fulfill this mission, TXGA and its members are committed to standing for these core values:


COMMUNITY: We define community as not only Texas geocachers but all other Texans as well.  TXGA believes that we should participate in community events which encourage positive outdoor participation and preservation.  TXGA supports other like-minded non-profit organizations and charities in their events, such as bike rides or fun runs.

INTEGRITY: TXGA is proactive in working with Texas land management officials to improve and expand geocaching rules and regulations throughout all public lands within the state of Texas.

Individual TXGA members will make every effort to work with public and private land management entities by securing permissions to include a specific area as a geocaching zone.  These individual members know that TXGA is beside them lobbying for save cache placement.

CREDIBILITY: When any member of the TXGA identifies themselves to community representatives (including law enforcement and park officials), the reputation of the TXGA should precede that individual and mark them as credible and honest.

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