Geocaching in the Great State of Texas


Executive Directors

 Tom Brotherman


Geocaching Handle:Electric Water Boy
Region: Central Texas

GeoStatement: My first GPSr was intended to be used as a breadcrumb machine to get me out of Lighthouse Lakes (near Port Arkansas) when I was fishing from my kayak.

My First Geocache: My first geocache was with a group of people in Kerrville-Schreiner Park on October 6, 2007. I went home the next day and found 3 caches and DNFed 2. The day after that I found my 5th cache which was my 1st puzzle cache. I was hooked.

Why Did You Agree to Serve on the Board: I was part of the “reboot” of TXGA in 2011, serving as the Central Texas Representative. We made many great goals, and in spite of obstacles we were meeting some of them. I want to continue what was started and dream bigger. Geocaching is so much more than finding a piece of Tupperware in the woods or a recycled pill bottle under a lamp post skirt. I want to protect and share geocaching

Personal Facts:I used to do water treatment for power plants (that’s where the name comes from). I now work with the air permits for some of those same power plants. When I’m not trying to keep the TCEQ and EPA happy at the same time, I’m the Program Director for the Alamo Area Chapter of Texas Master Naturalist. I’m also on the board of Alamo Forest Partnership. I met my wife Cheryl (aka Krazy4Catz) when she had 27 finds. I have two grown kids, but also claim Cheryl’s daughter and grandson, and our 3 cats.

De Vickery

Vice President

Geocaching Handle:One half of Team-DnD
Region: North Texas

GeoStatement: I found out about geocaching after watching an episode of Law and Order. We signed up that night, October 31, 2005 it took a few months before the bug really bit us but it has been a huge part of our life’s ever since. My husband, David, and I cache as a team. I would say the best part of caching is the friends we have made, I wouldn’t trade them for anything!!

Why Did You Agree to Serve on the Board: Back in 2011 a group of us new board members stood behind a stage and talked about what TXGA could be. After 2 years I left the board, then this past year, after a few phone calls with Tom (EWB), I decided to help finish what we started! Making TXGA something that cachers want to be a part of!

Personal Facts: I am married to David. We have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Three awesome greyhounds Buggatti, Marci and a recent foster failure our three legged girl Justina. I am a dog groomer by trade and serve as the youth leader at our church. I stay busy, but believe in making the most out of life!


Julee Denton

Membership Director

Geocaching Handle:JuleeD
Region:Southeast Texas

GeoStatement:I discovered geocaching by accident back in April 2012. I was spending a lot of my free time camping in various Texas State Parks and went to their website to make a reservation. Their home page had a story about their geocache challenge. It seemed like so much fun!

My First Geocache: 
In May, 2012 I found my first cache, TxGCC11 Livingston, and I was hooked. Many caches later, I still am. I recently had my first Earthcache published in St. Croix!

Why Did You Agree to Serve on the Board: Why not? I think that if you really enjoy something, you should give back. It is my belief that the TXGA does a lot of good for the caching community (often times without recognition) and I wanted to contribute in that effort.

Personal Facts:I am the co-founder of PETS (People for the Ethical Treatment of Soy) and when not fulfilling my duties as Ms. Texas enjoy long walks on the beach.

Seriously, I am an IT person at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. I have been in the IT field since 1986. My daughter’s name is Emily, she is 24. My boyfriend and I ( The Driver) are working on the Texas County challenge…we may be finished by 2025!

Esther Lopez

Education Director

Geocaching Handle:Bigguy In Texas
Region: Central Texas


My First Geocache: 

Why Did You Agree to Serve on the Board: 

Personal Facts:

Marc Moore

Finance/Compliance Director

Geocaching Handle:Zeke’s Uncle
Region: North Texas

GeoStatement: I learned about Geocaching from an article in the Dallas Morning News in August of 2003.  I was at kind-of a low point and I thought this was perfect to get me out more.  I went on eBay and bought my first GPS; a Magellan SporTrak.  Two weeks later, Dondi (Zeke’s Aunt) and I found all the caches in and around downtown Dallas in one day.  Two weeks after that, I went to my first event; a Geovamp breakfast that had about 12 cachers there.  And the rest was history.  Sure has changed in 8½ years!


Janice Veteran

Central Texas Representative 

Geocaching Handle: jvet
Region: Central Texas

GeoStatement:I first learned about geocaching at the Texas Parks and Wildlife EXPO. The parks people had a trial caching station. It was fun. So after a few months, I found and created an account. But I couldn’t find anyone to teach me how to do it outside the EXPO. The following summer, I tried geocaching while on vacation. It was a 30 minute search for a LPS cache, (surrounded by bushes) but I was elated to find it. And the cacher was born.

Why Did You Agree to Serve on the Board: I have often felt left in the dark about things going on in TXGA. I never felt that the lines of communication to the area I live in, was good. I want to change that.

Personal Facts:I have a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and a Masters in Applied Physics/Electrical Engineering. I spent many years making semiconductor chips to run your computer, your car, event your refrigerator. Then my job went over seas. Today I tutor community college students in Math, Chemistry and Physics, as well as teach scuba diving to people wanting to become PADI certified divers.

Garrik Peters

East Texas Representative 

Geocaching Handle:Draegon
Region: East Texas

GeoStatement:I found my first geocache in August of 2001 and immediately got the fever, at one point even had the third-most finds in the state of Ohio. Helped form the community for Cincinnati; OKIC. With ups and downs in my activity, 15 years later I still love this sport and the people that play it. Currently, my son (Diamond Pick, a 13-year cacher), and Fiance (Visiting Vet Tech, a 5-year cacher) all enjoy family outtings around town or distance trips.

Why Did You Agree to Serve on the Board: Having always been an advocate for partnering with park systems and municipalities, the geocachers of East Texas thought me a perfect candidate for the position and pleasantly convinced me to take the torch. I can only hope to fill the shoes of such greatness as my predecessors.

Personal Facts:Growing up, my love for nature and the outdoors was a prominent point, an avid hiker and tree-hugger. And even while I enjoy video games and movie marathons, being outside has infiltrated my profession and hobbies to such a degree that some have commented I could grow roots from my toes and they wouldn’t be surprised.

North Texas Representative 

Geocaching Handle:
Region: North Texas


Why Did You Agree to Serve on the Board: 

Personal Facts:

Julia Bailey

South Texas Representative 

Geocaching Handle: jbopto
Region: South Texas

GeoStatement: I started geocaching in a snowstorm in Atlanta, GA on 11 February 2010.  My very first find was GC21G47 – Smiling in Atlanta.  I was there for an optometry conference and a friend took me out and let me use her GPSr.  We had so much fun.  I came back to San Antonio and got my own GPSr.  I would go caching by myself, but found it was more fun with someone.  I did the 31 Days of Geocaching in 2013 pretty much on my own and then continued for 102 days straight.  It was fun but still I had a better time with others. Finally in July of 2015, I turned one of my friends on to this sport and we have been caching together ever since!  I am working on filling my D/T grid and finding a cache placed in every month since geocaching began!  I love being outdoors and exploring new places!

Why Did You Agree to Serve on the Board: I love to geocache and I want to make it better and more fun for the folks in all of Texas and especially South Texas.  By serving on the board I hope to be able to have that positive  impact.

Personal Facts: I was born and raised in St Louis, Missouri!  I served 28 years in the U.S. Air Force and am a retired Chief Master Sergeant.  I have lived in San Antonio since January of 2008.  My geocaching name (jbopto) is made up of my initials (jb) and from me being an optometry (opto) technician in the Air Force.  I currently work as a veterinary nurse in Helotes, TX.  I have four fur babies – Salley, Jersey and Hunney who are chihuahua mixes and Oreo who is a guinea pig!

Patricia Elkins

Southeast Texas Representative 

Geocaching Handle: MsPatt
Region: Southeast Texas

Jon Motsinger

West Texas Representative

Geocaching Handle:mujonny
Region: West Texas

GeoStatement: I started geocaching in 2006 after receiving a Garmin eTrex Legend C as a gift. It only took a couple of finds and I was hooked. I enjoy being outdoors and discovering new places that I would otherwise overlook, and geocaching lets me do both. I recently completed the Texas County Challenge (#78) and my current goals are to find a cache in every state (36 right now), to fill in my D/T chart, to find a cache placed each month since geocaching began, and of course to have fun along the way.

Why Did You Agree to Serve on the Board: Geocaching is something that I am passionate about, and I want to help share that passion with others. I believe in the TXGA mission and want to further the impact and reach of TXGA and be a voice for the increasing number of cachers in West Texas.

Personal Facts: I am originally from Missouri. The MU in my geocaching name refers to the University of Missouri, my alma mater (Go Tigers!!!). I have been in Texas for almost 10 years now, 2.5 in Corpus Christi and the rest in Lubbock.

I have a wonderful wife who, while not a cacher herself, is very supportive of my addiction. I am working on getting our sons, Seth (7) and Ollie (5), hooked as well. Like most kids their age, they don’t care as much for micros, but love finding caches large enough to trade something. The hardest part always is deciding what to swap.

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