Geocaching Name: Atreides_78723

Real Name: Marcellus Cadd

Region: Central


Geostatement: I first heard of geocaching in 2001 as this new fangled thing people were doing with GPSs. I thought “Why would anyone want to travel to the middle of nowhere to find boxes?” It took me 17 years to figure just what I was missing out on, and oh boy did I make a mistake!

Why Did You Agree to Serve on the Board: It takes a lot of organization and work to put on mega-events. Someone has to do the legwork, find the locations, make the plans, host the vendors, and take care of all the details that make them wonderful experiences for cachers from all over the world. What better way to contribute to the community than to help build these experiences for everyone!

Personal Facts: I’m a native Austinite, father of daughters, and author of Geocaching While Black. I speak Russian (badly) and read Latin (better). I love karaoke, cardigans, BoJack Horseman, challah bread, opera, bagpipes, board games, Babylon 5, and Turkish delight. Oh, and I make a great apple pie!

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