Geocaching Name: BE Viking

Real Name: Brian Erickson

Region: North

Executive Director


Geostatement: I started geocaching in May of 2008. It combines so many of my personal interests (personal challenges, getting outdoors, exploring, problem-solving, and finding historical sites) into a single activity. Once I got started I quickly realized this is the hobby for me!

My First Geocache: I found my first cache in Coppell, TX in May 2008. I had heard about caching in the past and always thought it sounded interesting – on this fateful day, I was sitting in the house looking at an article in Scouting Magazine about geocaching and I decided I would give it a try. My first attempt was a multi-cache in a historical cemetery near our house. I couldn’t find the redirector and that made me crazy and probably was what helped get me hooked. After DNFing my first cache my sons and I found a few others in a nearby park and I was hooked! About a week later with a little more experience I went back and located the redirector and exacted my revenge!

Why Did You Agree to Serve on the Board: I have had so much fun with this game/hobby/obsession and have made so many new friends as well that I decided it was time for me to give back in a more formal manner. I am looking forward to the opportunity to help spread the word and to find ways for others to enjoy the game that has brought me so much joy.

Personal Facts: I am incredibly proud of my family – my wife Kristi and my three children (Kelsey, Tate, and Zane). While the caching bug never bit them – they are very supportive of my crazy hobby. I am a consultant with a business and systems integration company which puts me on the road quite a bit and further supports my caching obsession. When I am not working or caching I am usually spending time with family, cooking, and reading.

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