Geocaching Name: Jbopto

Real Name: Julia Bailey

Region: Central

Executive Director

Vice President

GeoStatement: I started geocaching in February of 2010 at the suggestion of a friend. We were TDY to Atlanta, GA for an Optometry Conference. They were having a freak snowstorm so off we went into the snow and I found my very first cache! I was hooked!! We went back to the hotel to log our finds so I created an account and purchased a premium account that very day! Upon my return to San Antonio, I tried finding a few caches and was somewhat successful, but I found that I would rather cache with others, so I was a little slow getting started!

Why Did You Agree to Serve on the Board: I had served on the board a few years back as the South Texas Regional Rep. I was finishing out the previous rep’s term and I really feel I could have done a better job! I have been involved with TXGA behind the scenes ever since! TXGA has done and is continuing to do some amazing things for geocaching in Texas and I wanted to able to have a bigger part in those happenings. I am happy to serve again on the board to be able to promote our great hobby!

Personal Facts: I am a 28-year veteran of the United States Air Force where I served as an Optometry Technician! Hence my caching name–jbopto. jb are my initials and opto is for Optometry. I retired from Lackland Air Force Base on 1 Apr 2012 and started my second career as a Veterinary Technician! I love animals so I am working in my dream job!

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