Geocaching Name: MsPatt

Real Name: Patricia Elkins

Region: South East


GeoStatement: I started Geocaching since May 2014 after a Mother’s day lunch with my Son’s introduction into this Hobby, 1st cache was behind the very Restaurant. And I have been caching every since. I enjoy the outdoors and exploring this playground called Nature. This hobby has pushed me out of my Comfort Zone.

Why did I agree to serve on the Board: I’ve enjoyed meeting Cachers and learning more about this Hobby with that in turn, I want to help educate and share my passion about this Hobby / Addiction /Life Style of Geocaching.

Personal Facts: I’m a small-town country girl from Tye, Texas (Abilene ) living and working in a large city full of concrete high rises and people everywhere. Mother of 4 children, I’m boarding on being an Empty Nester, and thanks to Geocaching, I can let them go and turn a page in my life. After the passing of my 2nd daughter Carolyn, I now live life to the fullest, making friends and memories every chance I can. “Get busy living or get busy dying!”

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