Geocaching Name: Team-DnD

Real Name: De Vickery

Region: North



GeoStatement: I found out about geocaching after watching an episode of Law and Order. We signed up that night, October 31, 2005, it took a few months before the bug really bit us but it has been a huge part of our life’s ever since. My husband, David, and I cache as a team. I would say the best part of caching is the friends we have made, I wouldn’t trade them for anything!!

Why Did You Agree to Serve on the Board: Back in 2011 a group of us new board members stood behind a stage and talked about what TXGA could be. After 2 years I left the board, then this past year, after a few phone calls with Tom (EWB), I decided to help finish what we started! Making TXGA something that cachers want to be a part of!

Personal Facts: I am married to David. We have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Three awesome greyhounds Buggatti, Marci, and a recent foster failure our three legged girl Justina. I am a dog groomer by trade and serve as the youth leader at our church. I stay busy, but believe in making the most out of life!

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