Geocaching Name: QueenofD’Nile

Real Name: Cleo Nordquist

Region: East


Geostatement: It is not about numbers but about the adventure!

My First Geocache: I started geocaching in April 2011 when two friends showed me a new free app for this cool new adventure. The three of us went out for a walk to our first cache, which was less than 1000 ft from my house. The next day I got on the website and created a GeoNick and started my new obsession. Geocaching has helped me make new friends and brought me many good memories and adventures.

Why Did You Agree to Serve on the Board: I offered to help the then ETX Representative when life got a little busy for him. The next year I was asked if I would like to continue serving, and I was very happy to say yes. Serving with TXGA gives me the opportunity to keep my ETX Region informed about all the goings-on in the state of Texas they might have an interest. They are a great group of Cachers and Friends, so serving them is always a great pleasure.

Personal Facts: I am Native Alaskan, born in Alaska, adopted and moved to Minnesota, worked as a missionary in Reynosa, Mexico, and now reside in Lindale, TX. I have two cats, Calliope (a calico Manx) and Obsidian (a handsome steel grey Tabby). Other hobbies I enjoy include; crocheting, painting, Legos, reading, sewing, jigsaw puzzles, word puzzles, etc. I have two families, biological (they all live in MN) and spiritual (they live here in TX near me). They both are the center of my world and when I am not geocaching or at home, I am hanging with them.

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