Geocaching Name: thewildroseoftexas

Real Name: Brenda Mark

Region: South


GeoStatement: Geocaching, it turns out, is natural for me. I have been creating scavenger hunts for years. Participating in a worldwide one as a geocacher has become an everyday hobby for me

My First Geocache: I found my first geocache in 2013 in Texas. Turns out it was an FTF and I didn’t even know it! I was with an adventure group trying it out and didn’t even log it correctly! HAHA!

Why did I agree to serve on the Board: I am a huge advocate for the game. All new geocachers that find my caches for the first time get extra hints and a welcoming message. They also get invited to local events and lots of communication if they have questions. I host many events and CITOs as these are crucial to keeping our community giving back and interactive. Serving on the TXGA Board is another way to give back. Aside from being a prolific hider, that is. That gives back, too. J

Personal Facts: Married for 37 years to my best friend and geocaching buddy, Huggles44, since 2016. Lived in two Canadian provinces and two states (who knows if this is our forever home Adventureland!?!? HAHA!!!). My geocaching name…well, the first part was given to me by my grandfather when I was only days old. The “Texas” part had to be added as someone already had that geonick.


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