Texas Geocaching Association (TXGA) hosts two large events each year. The TXGA Texas Challenge which is held in Spring of each year and TXGA Lone Star RoundUp which is in Fall.

The TXGA Texas Challenge is exactly that, a challenge. Texas geocaching is divided into 6 regions, Central, North, South, East, West, and Southeast. As the event has grown into a Mega event (hosting more than 500 people), we have added an out-of-state ‘region’ also. The regions take turns hosting the event each year. The weekend is full of events for everyone but the main event is held on a Saturday where, for four hours, players find temporary caches and punch play cards for points. The winning region takes home the coveted Gold Ammo Can. Want more information? Check out the TXGA Texas Challenge pages.

As the Challenge has grown, there were requests for a non-challenge event. So along came the TXGA Lone Star Roundup. This event is also full of events over a weekend and is hosted by different Texas regions each year, however, there is no ‘challenge’ portion. It is all fun and games. Make no mistake though. Even though it is not as big as the TXGA Texas Challenge, it is still full of things to do. You can find out more information on this event by checking out the TXGA Lone Star RoundUp pages.

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