Status of Build

When building a website there is the “FRONT END” and the “BACK END.” The FRONT END is the part that the visitor to the website sees. The BACK END is the part of the website that your team works with to input new information.

To get the FRONT END built correctly the BACK END has to be done first.

To have an idea of what the backend looks like to input new information please see these screenshots.


It is simple for your IT member to go to the website, select the type of data that should be added to the website and then input the needed fields. From there the website will take care of the rest!

The landing page for events is still something that will be made 2 times a year (for each event.) However, this is something I volunteer to do for your organization as it will be community services hours for my school.

So how does this data look on the front?

I have the data showing very “vanilla.” Here are links to some of the data to be able to see it…

The frontend is in development and will be finished later this week and ready to launch this weekend.

I am using a professional web styling team to do the frontend look. I’ve given them some ideas to work from. Here are the ideas.

  • 1 page website feel, very up-to-date feeling.
  • records like bylaws, meeting notes, financials will be available from the FOOTER of the website. A commonplace to show them.
  • much of the website content will be front page like ABOUT, CONTACT, BOARD MEMBERS, HALL OF FAME, EVENT INFO “what is…”.
  • Membership will be available from the menu at the top.
  • Event links will be available from the menu at the top.

#1 Texas (the US state)
#2 Outdoor
#3 Geocaching
#4 GPS


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