Join us for a high-flying time as we go Up, Up, and Away in Longview!  This fun-filled geocaching event is hosted by the East Texas Region.  Geocachers from the great state of Texas, (and the rest of the World), participate in a friendly, but challenging, geocaching competition, with the winning team taking the Golden Ammo Can!

The fun begins with various satellite events and geocaching opportunities, including Geo-Art and area Lab Adventures.  There will be plenty of games, goodies, trackable trading, shopping for swag and supplies and those great stories from the trail!

Come out for a full day of caching, visit with other cachers and enjoy the challenge!

Put this event on your Watchlist and log your “Will Attend” to keep up with all the breaking developments. We look forward to seeing you in!

Event Packages

In The Clouds

$ 60
  • Special Shape Coin
  • T-Shirt
  • Event Coin Round
  • Pathtag Set
  • Badge Holder

Al A Carte Items

Lift Off

$ 40
  • T-Shirt
  • Event Coin Round
  • Pathtag Set
  • Badge Holder

Balloon Glow

$ 20
  • Event Coin Round
  • Pathtag Set
  • Badge Holder

Special Shape Coin

$ 15


$ 25

Event Coin
(Round Design)

$ 25

Pathtag Set

$ 10

Team Event Registration

Individual Event Registration

In Town Early?

Join us for these fun events! (Links Coming Soon)

Friday - March 17th 4-9 PM

Meet & Greet and Registration Packet Pick-up,
GCxxxxx - Long Time, No See!

Saturday, March 18th ????, 7-9 PM

GCxxxxx - 10th Annual TCC Finishers Reunion

Sunday, March 19th 8-9:30 AM

Breakfast & 2024 Location Announcement,
GCxxxxx - Where to Next, Year?

Sunday, March 20th 10-11:30 AM

CITO, 10-11:30 AM
GCxxxxx – CITO & Awards Announcements, Thanks, Longview!

Saturday March 18th Schedule of Events

7:00 AM

Doors Open

7:30 AM

Doors are Locked & Score Cards are Handed Out

8:00 AM

Team Competition Begins

11:00 AM

Team Competition Ends

2:30 PM

Individual Competition