A meeting of the Texas Geocaching Association Board was held on March 15, 2020, online.

Members Present:

Members Not Present:

Meeting Notes:

Meeting was called to order at 1000.

Old Business:

– 2020 Lone Star Roundup will be held at Mineral Wells State Park on 17 Oct 2020 hosted by the North Region

New Business:

– Welcome to the new board members Julia Bailey and Marcellus Cadd

– Marcellus brought up the monthly meeting conference call time of the 1st Tuesday at 1900. He asked if it was possible to move the time back to 2000 since he already has a weekly commitment at 1900. The topic was discussed by all present and a vote was taken. It was unanimous to move the time to 2000.

– Marcellus also brought up the current website and asked if he could be allowed access to help update it to relieve some of the burden from Cheryl. He has previous experience with Word Press and is very willing to help out. It was agreed that he will help out.

Around the Room: updates from each area

Event Director/Finance/Compliance:

– Currently we are in the black financially

– We are collecting and paying sales tax and we are working with a tax attorney to make sure we are up to speed

– We need to seek out and find someone else to be the Finance/Compliance officer


– Esther ask if there was another way, other than Facebook, to communicate information to the board members. Not everyone looks at Facebook all of the time. While it is a good method to communicate, something faster would be better to communicate reminders of meeting or the need for immediate information. Julia volunteered to create a group on text messaging to be used for that purpose.


– Garrick needs an email for membership



– Marcellus is happy to be here and is willing to help in any way that he can.


– Cleo reminded everyone about the CITO in Tatum in April. All are welcome!


– Brenda reminded everyone about the new Geotour in Mercedes, TX that is set to go live on 4 Apr 2020.


– Ms Patt said they were good to go


– Michelle is working diligently on Challenge 2021 in Cisco, TX. She said things are coming together and will let us know in what areas she will need assistance.

Vice President:

– Julia is happy to be here and have the opportunity to continue the good work of TXGA and make things even better for Geocaching in the state.

– Her greatest expectation of the board members is that they show up, stay present and ask “How can I help?” We are all volunteers to this board and to TXGA. It takes volunteers to put on events, especially Challenge and Round Up and each and every one of us has that responsibility to be at those events and to help.



Meeting was adjourned at 1042.


March 15, 2020