What is the TXGA Texas Challenge?

The TXGA Texas Challenge is an annual weekend load of events held by the Texas Geocaching Association. Each year, the responsibilities of hosting the TXGA Texas Challenge rotates to a regional team to organize the majority of the weekend. If you have ever wanted an excuse to escape for a weekend, and get out and geocache a new place with a bunch of other geocachers from across the state, this is it.

The TXGA Texas Challenge weekend is centered around an exciting contest that pits geocachers from across the state in a friendly competition to see which region of the state can accumulate the most points during a 4 hour time crunch. The winning regional team takes home the coveted Golden Ammo Can.

The whole weekend is non-stop geocaching goodness gobbed greatly with games and goodies. Trackable trading is a major activity, as well as trail story swapping and vendor swag buying. You will never get an opportunity in Texas to geocache with so many other geocachers at once.

How can I participate in the next TXGA Texas Challenge?

Participation is easy. All you have to do is say you want to play when you register for the event. Registration for the event will be available on this site closer to the event. You may also want to check with your regional group or local geocachers on how to join a team.

Texas Challenge Team Competition Rules & Regulations

Texas TXGA Challenges Past & Present

2024 Mega Event

GC Code: GCA5970

2023 Mega Event


2022 Mega Event

GC Code: GCoBJ95

2021 Mega Event

GC Code: GC8W9P1

2020 Mega Event

GC Code: GC84EA4

2019 Mega Event

GC Code: GC7JK1C

2018 Mega Event

GC Code: GC71QAW

2017 Mega Event


2016 Mega Event

GC Code: GC5NTX8

2015 Mega Event

GC Code: GC4YE34

2014 Mega Event

GC Code: GC1BA88

2013 Mega Event

GC Code: GC3W8GT

2012 Mega Event

GC Code: GC33CNK

2011 Event

GC Code: GC2FDX2

2010 Event

GC Code: GC233Q7

2009 Event

GC Code:GC1G269

2008 Event

GC Code: GC17THZ

2007 Event


2006 Event

GC Code: GC17HZ

2005 Event


2004 Event


2003 Event

GC Code: GCC414