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Lone Star Round Up - GC9TFHF

November 12th 2022

This year, the TXGA’s annual fall event is being hosted in the Texas Cowboy Capital of the World. A blending of Indian, Mexican, Polish and Western cultures gives Bandera, established in 1853, a unique ambiance not found elsewhere in Texas.

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Who is TXGA?

The Texas Geocaching Association (TXGA) was formed in January 2003 by Sam Morrow (UsMorrows), Candy Lind (Moosiegirl), and Will Nienke (9Key). Over the years we have hosted several successful statewide events such as the yearly TXGA Texas Challenge and Lonestar Roundup, Geocaching’s first-ever Mega Event, GeoWoodstock 4 in 2006, and have worked to foster the development of geocaching in the Great State of Texas.

Cacher of the Month

The month of December sees the rotation of Cacher of the Month return to North Texas. With so many great cachers in the area, picking just one is a daunting task. It had to be someone that has been a great steward of the game as well as someone that is always there for the community when called upon. The recipient for this month is Kate Mathewson, otherwise known as “The Big Deal”. Congratulations Kate! You deserve to be recognized as the amazing geocacher that you are. Here’s a little more about her in her own words:
I am the KidWrangler. Mother of 5, special education (autism) teacher. And geocaching enthusiast. Some would say I’m kind of a big deal (because I’ve convinced them so. ) 🤣 But to me I’m just Kate, out chasing as many adventures as possible and living my best life one cache at a time.
I started geocaching on April 23, 2011. I saw a short story about it online and initially thought it would be a fun thing to do with my 9-year-old son. And of course, we had the 7 and 6-year-olds in tow as well. When the kids were 4, 2 and 1 my friends started calling me the kid wrangler. In addition to my own kids, I have been in the kid wrangling business all of my adult life, so that seemed like an appropriate geo-nic to go with. The family got into it for a while, but I never slowed down. I was completely hooked from day one! When I try to explain geocaching to friends I usually end by saying… it’s just a game to most, but to me, it’s my lifestyle.
It’s hard to narrow down my top three geocaches because it’s more like geocaching trips or experiences with friends that have become my favorites. And even then, there have been so many.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, I have easily captured more than a million words worth of memories behind the lens. Combining my love for caching and photography I have cherished memories to last me a lifetime.
(There was once talk of a coffee table book of said memories.) 😂
This year I had goals to complete my #project26-CalendarEdition, (26 caches per calendar day) But with a few family setbacks that has become a goal for 2022. My newest goal has now been set at completing the world’s largest geoart. 😉
Other than that I just plan to keep hiking and climbing and paddling my way through the game, while keeping in mind my favorite motto…

Geocache of the Month

The Lost Treasure of Cabeza de Vaca

Created in June 2011 by Team Peredox  Currently has 120 favorites and 244 found logs since it started.

This fun interactive wherigo is loads of fun taking you on a walk over bridges along the infamous San Antonio Riverwalk. You will have so much fun grabbing chips and salsa and meeting important people that when you arrive at gz the find will be a well hidden final to ink your geonick. This cache has been adopted by local cachers MsWeber and Anteaus as they knew the value of a really good well crafted wherigo.

Part game, part tour, and part history lesson, this Wherigo will lead you around the “Great Bend” of the San Antonio River Walk. You will unearth clues to the history of the River Walk and study aspects of its design and the designer behind it — all to prove you are worthy to find…The Lost Treasure of Cabeza de Vaca!

Here are some of the logs indicating the fun that was had while doing this cache.

Super excited about this find and I learned so much about the riverwalk and my city despite living here for 19 years.
Thanks! **
richardnajera  7/4/2020

This was the best Wherigo I have done so far, with a lot of humor and a lot of historical facts. I learnt a lot and ejoyed the walk all the way to the final. Note that the clue is an essential supplement to the catridge to make the final find 🙂 Thanks for the cache, favorite! **Tecsomane  5/23/2018

We LOVED this cache!!!! We started it three days ago and spent time each evening after dinner to knock off a little bit of it. How nice that the cartridge saved each time and let us pick right up where we left time. We learned soooo much and, in spite of the pesky tourists, we made it through to the end. Last night in the dark, we looked for the Final according to the wherigo hint and came up empty. When we got back to the room, we wondered if there was a different hint on the cache page and yep, there it was. We walked back over this morning and wrapped up this wonderful adventure by entering the code word and signing the log. Well done, very well done!!!!   **poeanne 10/24/2017

An exceptional whereIGo.       You have to have intimate knowledge of the River Walk and be an extremely creative if not slightly jaded local who loves San Antonio to creat such an exceptional whereIGo. Simply enthralling, with humor and a few puzzling moments thrown in.                Cheers sir! Cheers!!

Mission Statement

The Texas Geocaching Association (TXGA) is a volunteer organization. Our aim is to be the foremost advocate for Geocaching within the state of Texas and to promote the family-oriented activity of geocaching through a central website, social media, workshops, and information displays, while also encouraging responsible stewardship of public lands.

And at TXGA, we are committed to celebrating the diversity of our membership in all regions of Texas and beyond.  From finders to hiders, long time geocachers and new geocachers.  Our differences allow us to continually serve and be supportive for each other and build an amazing geocaching community in Texas and beyond.

What is the TXGA Texas Challenge?

The TXGA Texas Challenge is an annual weekend load of events held by the Texas Geocaching Association. Each year, the responsibilities of hosting the TXGA Texas Challenge rotates to a regional team to organize the majority of the weekend. If you have ever wanted an excuse to escape for a weekend, and get out and geocache a new place with a bunch of other geocachers from across the state, this is it.

The TXGA Texas Challenge weekend is centered around an exciting contest that pits geocachers from across the state in a friendly competition to see which region of the state can accumulate the most points during a 4 hour time crunch. The winning regional team takes home the coveted Golden Ammo Can.

The whole weekend is non-stop geocaching goodness gobbed greatly with games and goodies. Trackable trading is a major activity, as well as trail story swapping and vendor swag buying. You will never get an opportunity in Texas to geocache with so many other geocachers at once.