Texas Challenge Mega Event 2022


Who is TXGA?

The Texas Geocaching Association (TXGA) was formed in January 2003 by Sam Morrow (UsMorrows), Candy Lind (Moosiegirl), and Will Nienke (9Key). Over the years we have hosted several successful statewide events such as the yearly TXGA Texas Challenge and Lonestar Roundup, Geocaching’s first-ever Mega Event, GeoWoodstock 4 in 2006, and have worked to foster the development of geocaching in the Great State of Texas.

Geocache of the Month

Our Cache of the Month for October is from the Central Region:
The cache I picked is GCTQWQ – Heartless. A lot of popular caches involve gadgets or long hikes or nature. This month I wanted to look at something simple, urban, and artistic. By far the most favorited cache in San Marcos, Heartless is a piece of yard art with a missing (but not really) piece. Not only is it a cleverly constructed marvel, it invites a question: was the cache added to the art or was the art created for the cache? And does it really matter?

Mission Statement

The Texas Geocaching Association (TXGA) is a volunteer organization. Our aim is to be the foremost advocate for Geocaching within the state of Texas and to promote the family-oriented activity of geocaching through a central website, social media, workshops, and information displays, while also encouraging responsible stewardship of public lands.

And at TXGA, we are committed to celebrating the diversity of our membership in all regions of Texas and beyond.  From finders to hiders, long time geocachers and new geocachers.  Our differences allow us to continually serve and be supportive for each other and build an amazing geocaching community in Texas and beyond.

What is the TXGA Texas Challenge?

The TXGA Texas Challenge is an annual weekend load of events held by the Texas Geocaching Association. Each year, the responsibilities of hosting the TXGA Texas Challenge rotates to a regional team to organize the majority of the weekend. If you have ever wanted an excuse to escape for a weekend, and get out and geocache a new place with a bunch of other geocachers from across the state, this is it.

The TXGA Texas Challenge weekend is centered around an exciting contest that pits geocachers from across the state in a friendly competition to see which region of the state can accumulate the most points during a 4 hour time crunch. The winning regional team takes home the coveted Golden Ammo Can.

The whole weekend is non-stop geocaching goodness gobbed greatly with games and goodies. Trackable trading is a major activity, as well as trail story swapping and vendor swag buying. You will never get an opportunity in Texas to geocache with so many other geocachers at once.