Brian is the TXGA president.  He began geocaching in 2008 after reading an article about geocaching in Scouting magazine and thought it seemed a good activity for his sons and good use for the GPS device sitting in a drawer at home.  After a DNF at his first geocache, his stubbornness kicked in and he was hooked. Fifteen years later, the family tolerates geocaching and Brian is obsessed. 

Brian enjoys travel, history and exploration, so geocaching is the perfect hobby!  Brian has found geocaches in over 30 countries, 48 states and 400+ counties including all 254 in Texas.  He is always excited about the next trip/adventure whether in a new country or a spot around the corner he had not visited.  I have had some incredible adventures in my geocaching adventures and have hours of stories that I will readily share over an adult beverage.  The one thing about geocaching I never really anticipated is the friends I have made along the way – those are far more important than a “Found Log.”


Brian Erickson
BE Viking
Geocaching since 2008


Marcellus Cadd
Central Texas Region Representative
Geocaching since 2018


Marcellus represents the Central Texas Region and author of Geocaching While Black blog.  He began geocaching in June 2018, and was elected to the TXGA Board in 2020.  From the beginning, his primary geocaching goal was to complete the Texas County Challenge, and he began the blog to document the journey.  He completed the challenge in January 2020, and began his new goal of visiting every county in the United States.  He has thus far completed five other state county challenges and begun work on over ten more.  

He spoke at the HQ’s 20th Anniversary Celebration, interviewed by Groundspeak, featured on NPR, and appeared on GeocacheTalk and other podcasts, both geocaching and non-geocaching related.  When he is not geocaching, he likes movies, opera, board games, and spending time with his two daughters.

I began geocaching in May 2016. My wife, OneCrazyChick, mentioned it when looking for something to do with the grand kids. After reading about it, I thought it seemed fun, so we gave it a try. We began by finding one at the entrance to our neighborhood. All our grand kids have been involved in geocaching at some point, and they all have geonics. We love taking them on adventures with Grammy and Nana. 

We completed the Texas County Challenge and used geocaching as our tour guide when we went to Hawaii in 2017. In 2020, we rented an RV and took one of our granddaughters, SassyChick, on an adventure she probably will never forget – 14 states in 12 days.  I love the places geocaching takes us, the people we meet and the lifelong friends we have made. We love the adventure. We are expanding our goals to finish our Jasmer grid, visit all the states – we are trying to find the oldest geocache in each state and a geocache near each state capitol, and other goals we decide as we go. Thanks for the fun!


Cheri Tummelson
South Texas Region Representative
Geocaching since 2016


Patricia Elkins
Geocaching since 2014 



Hi, I’m MsPatt from Houston. I began geocaching in May 2014, when my son and his girlfriend introduced geocaching to me at my Mother’s Day lunch. It sounded so interesting that I needed to see more. They introduced me to the LPC (light post cache – popular in the USA) and this hobby turned into a subculture in plain sight and quickly into my lifestyle. 

I’m very active in geocaching and within the community. As a natural progression of geocaching, I was asked to join the TXGA as the Southeast Region Representative in 2016. It was my pleasure to step up and give back to the community that is friendly and helpful and interesting to be part of so many adventures. My role is to educate the public on geocaching and to host events to teach geocaching 101 classes to the public and to promote geocaching.




Michael is the Finance/Compliance Director for TXGA and in his day job, works for a financial company in Coppell.  He and his wife, Lisa (HotRichGirl), began geocaching in 2019 after Lisa’s grandfather passed and she inherited his collection of coins, tools, and GPSR.

Michael is an avid traveler, having visited all seven continents, 130+ countries, and all 50 states. He speaks German and Spanish fluently and in his free time, he might relax with a book on linguistics.


Michael Cash
Finance and Compliance Director
Geocaching since 2019 


Patricia - Sec/Treas

Patricia Maldonado
Geocaching since 2014



Patricia is the TXGA Secretary.  Her geonick, Ca$hQueen, is a nod to her career in Treasury and Cash Management and is a play on the word “Cache”.  She is an International Business & Marketing double major graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, a wife of one husband and a mother of two daughters, a creative – in music and dance, and loves celebrating her Mexican heritage and exploring cultures of the world. 

She discovered geocaching when she was leading her troop of Girl Scouts (Junior Level) and there was a badge for geocaching that could be earned by completing a list of requirements.  Her troop set out for Brazos Bend State Park, where a park ranger taught the troop how to geocache using GPS units.  Badge earned!  However, her troop saw it as an activity to earn the badge and wanted to move on to other activities, but not Ca$hQueen!  She was hooked!  Geocaching feeds her need to be adventurous, spontaneous, joyful, and creative; from going on road trips with her geo-buddies, to hosting fabulous events, to placing grocaches in the Southeast Texas region in Sugar Land and Houston, to being an FTF pooch!  She also enjoys competing in the Texas Challenge competition on the Southeast Texas puzzle team! 

As a recent contribution to the geocaching world, she would like to be known for coining the acronyms, “PACO” (Phone a Cache Owner) and “TACO” (Text a Cache Owner).   Use them the next time you do! 





I’m TxHistLady.  My husband, Red Dawg40, introduced me to geocaching in 2015.  Since then, I have found over 11,000 geocaches.  I enjoy traveling to find geocaches.  I am currently ¾ of the way through the Texas County Challenge.  I love geocaching in a group and having fun.


Teresa Hall
Membership Director
Geocaching since 2015 


Wayne Lind
The Outlaw
Education Director
Geocaching since: 2002

Education Director bio

I’m K13, Kevin Boatman, the East Texas Region Representative. I began geocaching in 2006, after accidentally discovering an ammo can outside a cemetery. Over the years, I’ve amassed thousands of smileys, and collected way more smiles from the scores of geocaches I’ve placed, geocachers I’ve met and events I’ve hosted.

My geocaching name came from my race car number, so when not geocaching, you’ll most likely find me at a racetrack watching some form of auto racing.

I’m a part of The Tatum Crew, and if you haven’t heard, we host the best events in Texas.

Some of my favorite geocaching adventures include a 60-foot rope climb in Michigan, hiking to the top of Guadalupe Peak with my son, getting seven different geocache types in one day on Pikes Peak, birthday geocaching around Galveston with my daughter, and the fish-fry events I host.


Kevin Boatman
East Texas Region Representative
Geocaching since 2006


Elisa Reynozo
Southeast Texas Region Representative
Geocaching since 2008

Elisa Reynozo began geocaching on August 5, 2008, with her six-month-old son, Daniel, and daughter, Rachel.  A neighbor encouraged her to geocache to take the kids outside and enjoy the parks around her home in the great city of Houston.  Elisa began with easy geocaches, but curiosity bit and she began traveling to state-wide events with her family and fellow geocachers. She has geocached in Iceland, Canada, and Mexico.

Elisa was involved with TXGA in 2011 and headed the 2011 Texas Challenge in Sam Houston State Park.  Due to life changes, she could not stay with TXGA but followed TXGA Challenges and Roundups around the great state of Texas.  Her heart was still with TXGA and with encouragement from other geocachers, she applied for Membership Director in 2022.  

Being a board member allows her to meet many fellow members and rekindle friendships with those she knew from her earlier geocaching years.  She enjoys working with the TXGA Board and finding ways to bring TXGA members opportunities to use their membership in different TXGA events.  She hopes to encourage growth amongst the membership and activities for all members to enjoy.

On Thanksgiving 2009, I visited my son and family in Houston.  His children were unruly so he took them geocaching.  I’d seen the geocaching app on my Garmin, but knew nothing about it so I tagged along.  I was intrigued and signed up when I returned home.  I began looking for containers right away.  Soon, I encountered my first trackable.  Not sure what to do with something that seemed important, I replaced and researched it.  It had come by a circuitous route from California to a can in a vacant lot in Lubbock.  The idea of trackables consumes me to this day.

On seeing my geonic, shellbadger, many cachers assume I am femail and from Wisconsin.  That is decidedly not the case.  I have a small collection of animal fetish carvings made by Hopi, Navajo and other carvers.  My first and favorite is a badger fashioned from a scallop shell.

My wife, Jacque, and I are retired teachers and researchers.  She is Ohio.  I grew up in Kansas.  Except for ten years in the Rio Grande Valley, I have only lived in Lubbock since 1967.  I’ve traveled extensively in the Trans-Pecos and the Panhandle-South Plains.  There are more geocachers out here than you might expect, but only a handful are truly committed.  I look forward to trying to change that.


Tony - West Rep

Tony Mollhagen
West Texas Region Representative
Geocaching since 2009


William Davis
IT/UX Director
Geocaching since 2010 



William began geocaching April 11, 2010. He saw a photograph of a person holding a GPSR which referenced Waymarking. He found the Groundspeak website and placed his first geocache that day in his front yard.  He found his first geocache the next day. 

He’s worked as a BIS professional most of his adult life with a period as a journalist, primarily a meterologist, anchor and general assignment reporter for a TV station in Colorado. 

He was born in OKC, grew up in Moore OK, and graduated the University of Oklahoma.  He’s a rabid OU Sooners sports fan. 

Like most geocachers, he enjoys traveling, photography and history. Earthcaches are his favorite type and some of his best geocaching travel memories are in Michigan and New England, especially Rhode Island and Cape Cod.


Michael - NTX Rep

Michael McKinney
North Texas Region Representative
Geocaching since 2020




Michael McKinney is ⅙ of McKsix. He is a high school chemistry teacher just south of Dallas. He and his wife, Rose, have four boys. 

During Covid quarantine of 2020, they discovered geocaching was the perfect social distancing activity to do as a family and were quickly hooked. The allure of finding treasure, learning obscure historical and scientific facts and finding new spots to explore, locally and while traveling, keeps their family on the hunt. Discovering this community of like-minded people has been an added bonus!