Board Member Profiles

Brian is the President of TXGA.  He started geocaching in 2008 after reading an article in Scouting magazine about geocaching and thinking that sounded like a good activity for his sons and good use for the GPS device sitting in the drawer at home.  After DNFing his first cache his stubbornness kicked in and he was hooked. Fifteen years later, the family tolerates caching and Brian is obsessed. 

Brian has always had a love of travel, history and exploration so this is the perfect hobby!  Brian has found caches in over 30 countries, 48 states and 400+ counties including all 254 in Texas.  He is always excited about the next trip/adventure whether it is in a new country or in a spot around the corner that has not been visited.  I have had some incredible adventures in my geocaching adventures and have hours of stories that I will readily share over an adult beverage.  The one thing about caching that I never really anticipated is the friends that I have made along the way – those are for more important than a “Found Log”.



Marcellus is the Central Texas Representative for the TXGA, and author of Geocaching While Black.  He started Geocaching in June 2018, and was elected to the TXGA Board in 2020.  From the beginning, his primary geocaching goal was to complete the Texas County Challenge, and he began the blog to document the journey.  He completed the Challenge in January 2020, and took up the new goal of visiting every county in the United States.  He has thus far completed five other state Challenges and begun work on over ten more.  He has spoken at the HQ’s 20th Anniversary Celebration, been interviewed by Groundspeak, featured on NPR, and appeared on GeocacheTalk and other podcasts, both geocaching and non-geocaching related.  When he is not geocaching, he likes movies, opera, board games, and spending time with his two daughters.

Brenda Mark aka thewildroseoftexas formerly from British Columbia & Alberta Canada started Geocaching in 2013. A true scavenger hunter at heart discovering Geocaching and taking it up as a hobby was a given. The hunt for a geocache is always a thrill and when that’s not happening creating geocache hides and finding new ways to hide geocaches are definitely a priority for thewildroseoftexas.  

She loves hosting events of all different kinds from citos to the simple meet & greet. The 1st event she hosted was bt far the most adventurous in Port Aransas just as Hurricane Patricia decided it was time to show her last stormy vestiges. Thewildroseoftexas loves to go camping and a favorite turned out to be in BigBend withe the GeoCampers where fast friends hiked and laughed and made many memories. 

She is a huge advocate of the game locally and welcomes all new geocachers across the region. Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have about caching in the South Region. 

Her favorite is a road trip caching counties with Huggles44.



MsPatt’s story starts on Mothers Day 2014, when she was having lunch with son, Anthony and his girlfriend Dovie, and asking them what they have been up to for fun, he explained Geocaching,  and patiently answered my questions , commonly asked, how much money have you found,  whats in the container,  what keeps you going, etc… 

He pulls up the map, and took me to the Geocache behind the restaurant,  my 2nd cache, he walked me to a light pole, what magical place is this…  I was hooked…

Going to events , I learned about many other types, and tried them all. Met a lot of wonderful people,  that Welcomed me into this Adventurous Community of Geocachers. 

If asked, whats my favorite cache, I would have to say, the next one, where I’m on an Adventure with other Cachers seeking the next cache. 

TXGA’s SouthEast Regional Rep position fell into my lifestyle as I Geocache every chance I can,  and personally it has helped me step out of my Comfort Zone. 

See ya on the 👣 trails.

Michael is the Finance/Compliance Director for TXGA and in his day job, works for a financial company in Coppell.  He and his wife, Lisa, started geocaching in 2019 after Lisa’s grandfather passed and she inherited his collection of coins, Totts, and gps receiver.

Michael is an avid traveler, having been to all 7 continents, 130+ countries, and all 50 states. He speaks German and Spanish fluently and in his free time, you can often find him relaxing with a book on linguistics.


Carrot Killer

I grew up in The Woodlands, Texas, but soon after 9-11, I joined the Army and found myself living in Georgia. The Army allowed me to travel to 13 countries and I even got to live in Germany for three years.  I always seemed to end up back in Georgia though, at either Fort Gordon or Fort Stewart.  

 I first started geocaching almost immediately after returning home from Afghanistan in 2013.  I saw a geocaching sticker on a car and was curious what that was all about.  I looked it up and realized there were several geocaches within a ¼ mile of my home.  I immediately left my house on foot and started looking for geocaches armed with a TomTom meant for turn-by-turn navigation.  As I am sure you can imagine, I wasn’t successful.  When I finally did make my first find a few days later, I was hooked!  It wasn’t long before every weekend was dictated by where I could go geocaching with my three boys.  

A few years later I met a lady while out geocaching that I ended up marrying.  That geocacher was none other than LadyBlackCat.  Teaming up with a full-time geocaching partner has proved to be an invaluable asset.  We both share a passion for traveling, camping, and finding geocaches.  

In October of 2018, I received a permanent change of station sending me to Fort Hood, Texas.  We ended up moving to Georgetown, where we plan to stay.  After moving here, we were eager to get to work on the Texas County Challenge and finished 4 months after we arrived as the 186th and 187th finishers.  Now, we jointly host the Texas Geocampers events five or six times a year.  Hosting these events allows us to combine our three passions, as well as to tour the state’s most beautiful areas.  Most of all, we have enjoyed the friendships that have developed over the past three years of campouts.  

Geocaching name – Bigguy In Texas

Geocaching since – 3/06

Region – Central


I was a teacher for almost 30 years in the Edinburg (TX) CISD. After I retired from teaching in the public school system, I started working for Hallmark as a merchandiser and then became a territory trainer for them helping new hires across Central Texas. After Covid I became part of the Hallmark Virtual Training team and now train new hires across the country.

I have been geocaching since 3/06 and love to hide!

I have introduced many people to geocaching in schools, camps, festivals, fairs, teacher workshops and conferences.

Esther Lopez


Vince Rowe is a business owner and sits on several corporate boards around the world. He is a part-time geocacher that like the adventure caches – greater difficulty, higher terrain. Along with his partner Professor Prater (TTO1) they love challenging themselves and others to do extreme geocaching. And like so many others, finding places otherwise not seen. With rare exceptions like the GPS Maze, you won’t find them at events wearing costumes, exchanging trinkets, or participating in non-caching games. They like to be out finding geocaches as was initially intended in May of 2000.

TTO1 (Also known as Colonel P-Chem or General Quantum Mechanics) is a Chemistry Professor that loves to data-mine Stats. TTO2 is a 10-year Army Ranger veteran that now has more resources than sense. TTO1 has 16 different spreadsheet tabs of our numbers, so planning goes smoothly when preparing for trips. From the numbers she produces and the publicly available on PGC, we set goals using cachers who they believe in having “Real” numbers to design the crazy adventures they embark on.