2023 TXGA Geocaching Hall of Fame Nomination

March 1, 2023

In recognition of the work that various people have done to serve geocaching in Texas, the TXGA continues to seek valued Texas Geocachers for the TXGA Geocaching Hall of Fame. Selections are based on service to geocaching in Texas.

  1. The TXGA Board has developed the following process for nomination and selection of Hall of Fame members.  These processes/rules will go into effect and apply to elections after April 2023. Prior HoF members are not impacted.


Nomination Process

  • Active members of TXGA will have the opportunity to submit one (1) nomination per year.
  • Nominations will open at Roundup, or November 1st and will be open until November 15th, or for at least fifteen (15) days.
  • Nominations can be submitted in-person at Round-Up or electronically. Electronic submissions should be emailed to the TXGA Secretary at secretary@texasgeocaching.com

Nomination Criteria

  • An ideal nominee is one that has given significantly to the geocaching community at large. These are the geocachers that you see at events volunteering their time and skills, helping others, and contributing not only locally but in the bigger picture of moving geocaching in a positive direction.
  • Tenure in geocaching, and/or hiding and finding caches can be a contributing factor, but not the sole reason for the nomination. It would be beneficial for the nominee to have a well-rounded geocaching profile with finds, hides and attending\hosting of events.
  • The nominee should be someone that is not just a nice person, but someone that embraces and helps the entire community.
  • TXGA Board members are not eligible for nomination until 2 years after their Board Term has ended.
  • Nominees must be human cacher(s).
  • Nominators should let their nominees know that their name is being submitted for HoF consideration.

Nomination Ballot – Nomination must include the following information (you can respond via email or using this form). 

  • Nominee Name:
  • Nominee Geonick: 
  • Nominator Name: 
  • Nominator Geonick:
  • List specific accomplishments of the nominee that you want the Board to consider for their nomination (Why do you believe that this person should be inducted into the Texas Geocaching Hall of Fame?)

Election Process

  • Upon receipt of the nominations the TXGA Board will review the submissions and create a consolidated ballot including the information above.
  • The committee (HOF Members and TXGA Board Members) will vote on the nominations.
    • Each member of the committee will have the option to cast up to 3 votes.
    • The 3 nominees with the most votes will be inducted into the HOF at the following Challenge.
    • In event of a tie – the Board Members will revote and finalize the inductees.

HOF Recipients

  • The new members of the HOF will be announced at the next Texas Challenge.
  • The selected HOF Inductees will be presented with their own engraved TXGA HOF Ammo Can and (10) Personalized TXGA HOF Pathtags.