Welcome to the longest-running Mega Event in the geocaching world – The 2024 Texas Challenge.  This year’s event is hosted by the North Texas Region and is in Wichita Falls, TX.  Geocachers from all over the world are competing for the coveted Golden Ammo Can, awarded to the highest-scoring team in a highly competitive activity pitting the different regions of Texas against each other in a spirited competition. To participate in The Challenge you must register using the form below two weeks prior to the event.  This is in addition to registering as a ‘Will Attend’ on the geocaching page.

In addition to the Team Challenge we also hold the Individual Challenge.  This version of the Challenge lets individuals compete against each other in categories based on gender and age groups.  Participants in the Individual Challenge must also register to participate using the form below two weeks before the event. If you are interested in participating in both, please complete both forms (there are no penalties if you decide later to not participate in both activities).

Scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the registration/waiver form

If you aren’t the competitive type – DO NOT WORRY – Texas Challenge is much more than competition!  We’ve created activities appealing to all!  We are excited to rollout two new additions to this year’s event:

    • Challenge within a Challenge – At the different events during the week each geocacher can obtain a scorecard.  During the week geocachers will have different opportunities to earn points for participation in different activities. The first 100 players to turn in a scorecard with 100 points are given a special Challenge within a Challenge geocoin modeled after rodeo belt buckles that are famous in Texas.   The activities and scoring will be set to allow everyone to participate and earn a geocoin – even if you can only participate during the weekend!
    • Caching Carnival – On saturday afternoon and evening there is a Caching Carnival at the Convention Center.  The caching carnival will provide everyone an opportunity to participate in geocaching and traditional carnival-type games to win prizes, have fun and socialize with other players.  
    • In addition, we will continue to hold those events and activities which lend to the Texas Challenge fame:
      • Wednesday Satellite Event
      • Thursday Satellite Event
      • Friday Event at the Convention Center
        • Package Pickup
        • SWAG Sales from our friends at Space Coast Geo Store
        • TXGA SWAG Sales
        • Pathtag Wheel
        • Trackable Trading Table
      • Saturday Event at the Convention Center
        • Team Challenge 7:30 – 11:00 am
        • Individual Challenge 2:30 – 5:00 pm
        • Caching Carnival  12 – 8pm (Times may be adjusted)
        • TXGA Hall of Fame Induction
      • Sunday
        • Breakfast Event – Announcing Next Year’s Location
        • CITO and Awards Ceremony

So, don’t miss out!  Come out and enjoy day(s) of geocaching activities, fun and fellowship.  Log your ‘will attend’ and make your travel plans. 

Texas Challenge Team Competition Rules & Regulations

Scheduled of Events

Saturday, March 16, 2024

7:00 AM – Doors open

7:30 AM – Doors locked and score cards distributed

8:00 AM – Team competition begins

11:00 AM – Team competition ends

12:00 PM – Caching Carnival begins

2:30 PM – Individual competition begins

5:00 PM – Individual competition ends

6:00 PM – TXGA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

8:00 PM – Doors closed