A meeting of the Texas Geocaching Association Board was held on February 2, 2021, phone.

Members Present:

Members Not Present:

Meeting Notes:

TXGA Board Meeting 2/2/21


A meeting of the Executive Directors of the Texas Geocaching Association was held on February 2, 2021, at 7pm by teleconference call.


Members Present:

Tom Brotherman                Electric Water Boy             President

Julia Bailey                          jbopto                                     Vice-President

Esther Lopez                       Bigguy In Texas                  Education

De Vickery                           Team-DnD                            Events

Cheryl Drake                       Krazy4Catz                          Information Technology

Michael Cash                       mijkie                                    Finance/Compliance

Marcellus Cadd                   Atreides_78723                   Central

Brian Erickson                    BE Viking                            North

Cleo Nordquist                    QueenofD’Nile                     East

Brenda Mark                       thewildroseoftexas              South

Patricia Elkins                    MsPatt                                   Southeast

Michelle Bridges                 gonefishing2                        West


Members Not Present:

Julien Tagnon                     paintballvet18                     Secretary

Garrick Peters                     Draegon                                Membership




The meeting was called to order at 7:04pm.

The minutes from the Executive Directors meeting dated January 5th, 2021, are approved.



Michael Cash presented the financial report.

The total balance across all TXGA paypal and Frost Bank accounts is $13,691.05.

The main expenses were Challenge related (coins, ammo cans). The Board also discussed expected expenses for Challenge in the next month.

The treasurer has transferred over passwords and account information to his name.


Challenge 2021

The event is still planning to move forward, pending reevaluation later in February.

The Board will reconvene February 23rd, 2021, for further evaluation of Challenge.

A plan has been submitted to HQ for covid-19 procedures.

The side events for Challenge have published.

TXGA has been awarded 5 adventure lab credits for Challenge.

The Board discussed personnel needs for various locations throughout the week of Challenge.

The Board discussed educational classes offered Friday prior to Challenge.

The first list of challenge registrations was sent to the region team captains.



Nominations have opened on the Texas Geocaching Association Facebook page.

All current nominations have been seconded and accepted (there are still no nominations for East Texas rep).


The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.

The Board will next meet during the TXGA Texas Challenge unless an emergency meeting is held before then.


Julien Tagnon                                                                            February 2nd, 2021

Secretary                                                                                      Date


February 2, 2021