A meeting of the Texas Geocaching Association Board was held on March 14, 2021, inperson.

Members Present:

Members Not Present:

Meeting Notes:

TXGA Board Meeting 3/14/21

A meeting of the Executive Directors of the Texas Geocaching Association was held on March 14, 2021, at 9:30am in person.


Members Present:

Brian Erickson                    BE Viking                             President

Julia Bailey                          jbopto                                    Vice-President

De Vickery                           Team-DnD                            Events

Michael Cash                       mijkie                                    Finance/Compliance

Marcellus Cadd                   Atreides_78723                   Central

Vince Rowe                           TTO2                                     North

Cleo Nordquist                    QueenofD’Nile                     East

Brenda Mark                       thewildroseoftexas              South

Patricia Elkins                     MsPatt                                   Southeast

Michelle Bridges                 gonefishing2                        West

David Vickery                      Team-DnD                            Membership

Esther Lopez                        Bigguy In Texas                  Education

Michael Cash                       mijkie                                    Treasurer

Julien Tagnon                     Paintballvet18                     Secretary

Tom Brotherman                Electric Water Boy             Immediate Past President



The meeting was called to order at 9:28am.

The minutes from the Executive Directors meeting dated February 2nd, 2021, are approved.


Newly Elected Members

Brian Erickson is the new President

Vince Rowe is the new North Representative

Brenda Mark was re-elected South Representative

Cleo Nordquist was re-elected East Representative



Brian nominates Deanna Vickery for Events.

Julia seconds.

Passes unanimously.


Brian nominates Michael Cash for Treasurer.

Patricia seconds.

Passes unanimously.


Brian nominates Esther Lopez for Education.

Patricia seconds.

Passes unanimously.


Brian nominates Julien Tagnon for Secretary.

Julia seconds.

Passes unanimously.

The Board discussed nominating William Davis – TerraViators – for Information Technology (later approved at CITO event)



Michael Cash presented the financial report.

The Board has $2,986 in cash from Texas Challenge; $1,904.32 in PayPal deposits; $4,935.42 in the Board’s GeoWoodstock reserve; and $8,507.90 in the Board’s functional account.

This represents a total of $18,333.63 in total funds available before outstanding bills are paid.


Challenge 2021

The Board discussed a survey that will be set out to all members regarding Challenge 2021 and then TXGA as a whole (the survey has since been sent out and results have since been tabulated).


Challenge 2022

Challenge 2022 is in Conroe, TX.

Challenge 2022 hotels will soon be released.

The Board will discuss working towards a new scoring system to move away from punches.


Round-Up 2021

Round-Up 2021 is planned for October 15-17, 2021 at Mineral Wells State Park.

Competition: a Chili Cook Off between the regions.


Moving Forward

Each representative will send upcoming events to the President to publicize on the TXGA website and Facebook page.

Additionally, each representative was given 8-10 membership coins to sell to new TXGA members.


Tom Brotherman

The Board would like to thank the Immediate Past President, Tom Brotherman, for his five years of service as President.

Tom will remain in an advisory position with the Board to help in the transition with Brian.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:04am.


Julien Tagnon                                                                            February 2nd, 2021

Secretary                                                                                      Date


March 14, 2021