Cacher of the Month October 2021

October Cacher of the Month reigns from South Texas – #1Fishingal.
Here is her story:
I grew up here in Texas and was fortunate to be able to travel stateside and overseas during my 20 years in the Army. I enjoy the outdoors immensely, especially hiking, kayaking, fishing, and of course, geocaching. I am also a birder and self-taught wildlife photographer.
How did you come up with your Geo Nic/Caching Name?
Since my #1 hobby when I started geocaching was fishing in tournaments (before I had my kids), I decided my geocaching name would be #1Fishingal (as in – Number 1 – not hashtag 😂)
How did you get started caching?
I started Geocaching in 2014. I used to Letter Box with my kids when my brother-in-law “little de” introduced me to Geocaching and I was hooked after that.
What is it about caching that you enjoy the most?
I love how Geocaching gets me to travel to places I have never been and meet great people along the way!!
What has been the highlight of your caching career so far?
So many highlights that it is hard to choose – Rookie of the year 2014 (Northern Virginia Geocaching Organization), Best Geocache Camouflage – (Northern Virginia Geocaching Organization), attending a GEOWoodstock (Maryland), finding caches 400 consecutive days and my recent 3000 find…. and now this 😉
Anything else you want to share?
Thanks to everyone who made me feel so welcome when we moved here from Virginia – you all are an awesome group!! Also a big thanks to everyone who looks for and comments on my hides – I love reading your logs more than I love creating the caches.