2023 TXGA Summer Cachetest

The Texas Geocaching Association will be holding a geocache hiding contest across the Great State to take place from June 1st to September 10th.  Contestants will be vying for one of three titles: Best Adventure, Best Location, or Most Creative


  1. Contestants will pay a $10.00 entry fee.  All entry fees will be used for the prize pool. 
  2. Each member may only hide one geocache as part of the competition.
  3. Participating geocaches will have the following statement at the top of the cache page, *This geocache is a competing entry in the 2023 TXGA Cachetest*
  4. The geocache will be hidden within the state of Texas. 
  5. All competing geocaches will be set to publish on June 1st, 2023 at 8:00 AM. 


TXGA members are encouraged to find as many of the geocaches in the contest as possible.  Members who have found a minimum of ¼ of the geocaches hidden as part of the contest will be invited to complete a survey between September 11th and 17th in which they will vote for their top three geocaches in each category.  Scoring will be conducted as follows:

A geocache receiving a first place vote in a category will receive 3 points.

A geocache receiving a second place vote in a category will receive 2 points. 

A geocache receiving a third place vote in a category will receive 1 point. 


The winners of the 2023 TXGA Summer Cachetest will be announced at the conclusion of the 2023 Lone Star Texas Roundup at McKinney Falls State Park. 


The winning Hider in each category will receive a prize pack provided by the TXGA and supplemented by the entry dues.

There will be a drawing for a “Lucky Finder” prize. Each finder receives one entry for each Cachetest geocache they find, and a drawing will be held at Roundup.

The prizes will be delivered either in person at the Lone Star Texas Roundup or via mail delivery.

*NOTE* All contestants and members who have found the requisite number of competing geocaches will receive a limited edition Pathtag which will commemorate the contest. 

Tie Breaker

In the event that two or more geocaches are tied after voting, favorite points received on the hides will be used to determine the winner.