A meeting of the Texas Geocaching Association Board was held on June 1, 2021, online.

Members Present:

Members Not Present:

Meeting Notes:

TXGA Board Meeting 6/1/21*

A meeting of the Executive Directors of the Texas Geocaching Association was held on June 1st, 2021, at 7pm by zoom.

Members Present:
Brian Erickson BE Viking President
Julia Bailey jbopto Vice-President
De Vickery Team-DnD Events
Marcellus Cadd Atreides_78723 Central
Vince Rowe TTO2 North
Cleo Nordquist QueenofD’Nile East
Brenda Mark thewildroseoftexas South
Patricia Elkins MsPatt Southeast
Michelle Bridges gonefishing2 West
David Vickery Team-DnD Membership
Julien Tagnon paintballvet18 Secretary
William Davis Terraviators Information Technology

Members Not Present:
Esther Lopez Bigguy In Texas Education
Michael Cash mijkie Finance/Compliance


The meeting was called to order at 7:03pm.
The minutes from the Executive Directors meeting dated May 4th, 2021, are approved.

The June financial statement will be given at the July meeting

The full membership roster (w/ personal information) is now accessible by the Board
All coins are distributed with others left over for new membership

The Board is working to assume full ownership of the website
William discussed logos for Cache OTM and Cacher OTM with the Board and gave the Board proposals
The Board will contact Keith Petrus to collaborate on logo design
William will be assuming ownership of the TXGA email account through geocaching

Town Halls
The first TXGA Town Hall will be hosted June 27th, 2021, at 5pm
Emails will be sent along with through other social medias

Immediate Past President
The bylaw amendment to provide for an IPP will be voted upon next meeting

The official Challenge page will be published soon (hopefully by next week) and will be advertised soon thereafter
Patricia is working with her team to schedule side events

Round Up
Chili cookoff competition is being finalized
Vince proposed creating an annual pathtag for each Round Up

599 attendees on Saturday
The exact accounting of profits will be discussed next month by Michael
The Board will work towards scheduling volunteers for the other mega events
The Board will put together a t-shirt design for the maze similar to the one at Mingo for sale

Region Updates
The Cache of the Month has been selected and will be sent to the Board this week
Cacher of the Month information is being collected and will be posted soon
Smithville event was a rainy success – may be rescheduled at a later date again
Kingwood Challenge with CKrewer720
Two GeoTours are launching soon:
Rockport-Fulton (July 10)
Mercedes (September 4)
No updates

The meeting was adjourned at 7:49pm.
The Board will next meet July 6th, 2021.

____________________ June 1st, 2021
Secretary Date

William Davis

June 1, 2021