TXGA Board Meeting Minutes

March 17th, 2024 7:30 am

Delta Hotel & Convention Center

Wichita Falls, Texas


Brian Erickson (BE Viking) President

Patricia Elkins (MsPatt) Vice-President*

Michael Cash (mikjie) Finance & Compliance Director

Patricia Maldonado (Ca$hQueen) Secretary*

Teresa Hall (TxHistLady) Membership Director*

Wayne Lind (The Outlaw) Education Director*

William Davis (TerraViators) IT/UX Director

Marcellus Cadd (Atreides) Central Texas Rep         

Kevin Boatman (K13) East Texas Rep

Michael McKinney (McKsix) North Texas Rep

Cheri Tummelson (CrazyChickC) South Texas Rep

Elisa Reynozo (GeoReyna) Southeast Texas Rep*

Not Present: Tony Mollhagen (shellbadger) West Texas Rep

*Newly appointed

Introductions and welcome to new Board members.



TXGA Challenge


Sold out of Coins and PathTags – order more pathtags?

Packages pending to be distributed

Brian to craft an email to get membership coins/packages to Region reps or mailed.

Duplicates issue (payment/coins) was discussed

Round up 2024

West Texas – Ft. Davis State Park

Oct. 19

“Take the High Road to the Stars”

McDonald Observatory – Highest paved highway in Texas

Cindy will support and help with activities.

Patricia E. asked about a Steampunk Theme, Brian said we can pursue that, too.

Challenge 2025

Floresville GCAMM1H

South Texas hosts

Goal to get Mega Status

Oldest continuous Mega event

Announced at Awards Ceremony today

World’s Largest Peanut

Free Museum

Block Party 2025

Lone Star Roundup – Goal: Mega Status (300 Will Attends)

Southeast Texas Hosts – Galveston is a possible location – we need to research their calendar of events.  Elisa will drive to Galveston to research.

Patricia E. recommended we get a booth to promote our BlockParty/Mega at other Megas. 


Wayne presented the idea with partnering with Girl Scouts to educate and promote Geocaching. 

Review of Challenge 2024

Brian is looking for feedback on Challenge.  He loved the Challenge within the Challenge.

Cheri brought up the point of the raffle tickets (free vs paid) for Basket prizes.  Recommending we have two separate raffles if free tickets will be handed out for winning games at next Challenge.  Wayne recommended using different colored tickets for each raffle.  Teresa recommended you must be 21 to put a ticket in a raffle basket with alcohol.

Patricia M. asked if the raffle tickets for games was critical to participation.  Brian said it was a way to keep people engaged.

Brian mentioned we have a challenge getting new people in the door.

Brian recommended we improve communication channels – goal to get more to get the word out about Texas Challenge.

Make introductions of out-of-town guests and visiting reviewers and Lackeys. 

William recommended that Kevin have a mini-challenge for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  Wayne has had Girl Scout events.  Wayne says there is a 3rd scouting organization (Trail Scouts)?    Patricia M. recommends making it a universal effort for all regions to promote geocaching to Scouting organizations.

Wayne recommends adding an ad in the paper ahead of Challenge to promote a Geocaching 101 class, so new people will learn about it and attend Challenge.

Girl/Boy Scout calendars/newsletters, State park calendars.

Teresa recommended bringing 101 class to Challenge.

Patricia Recommend cutting events down on Challenge Sunday.

Get people on the road by 10:00am.

Patricia E. (and the rest of the Board) thanked Brian for a job well done for Texas Challenge 2024.

Patricia E. recommended forming a committee to advise the next host for Texas Challenge.  Proposed committee members Patricia E., Brian, Cheri, Marcellus, Michael, and Kevin (to include past, current, and future hosts).  Meetings by Zoom, group text.  Marcellus asked for a Texas Challenge manual was also mentioned.  Patricia E.   Brian says it’s 70% there.

Dallas Totality Event

City of Dallas Event

Geocaching 101/Build a Cache

Samuell Farm

April 8th

Brian is asking for help to volunteer.

He would like a copy of what has been done for Girl Scouts.

State Fair – Texas Parks and Wildlife

Michael has arranged for a booth

October weekend (not OU weekend – maybe first weekend)

Cheri requested information to create new board T-shirts.

Brian discussed geocacher who has been aggressive toward Board Members and was thankful he did not attend Challenge.

One incident with abusive person to Convention Center staff when confronted about bringing outside food in.  This individual will be asked to leave the next event if the behavior continues.

Patricia E.  Recommends passing on the Challenge Event Banner the next host region.  Brian will pass on at a later date.

Kevin will take the County Finisher Board

William will take care of updating website with pics and bios for Board Members.

To do’s:

Michael C. – Get credit card receipts total.

Michael C. – Provide initial seed money amount and report overall profit.

Brian – Send email regarding uncollected Challenge/Membership packages (Region rep or mail?)

Brian – Provide a copy of the Challenge Manual notes.

Brian – Order more pathtags?

Brian – Reach out for volunteers for the Dallas Totality Event

Brian – Pass on the Challenge banner to the next region.

Patricia E.  – Schedule the Challenge Committee meeting.

Marcellus – Get ready for Challenge 2026!

Wayne – Advise on progress made with partnering with Scouting organizations.

Patricia M. – Provide a copy of what has been done in the past for a Girl Scout Geocaching 101.

Michael M. – Reach out for volunteers for the State Fair booth.

Kevin – Advise if planning Scouting event(s).

Kevin – Give Country Finisher Board to the appropriate CO?

Cheri – Will provide new Board T-shirts.

Elisa – Research Galveston (calendar of events, venues) for Roundup 2025/Blockparty.